Small Groups

Oakland Church is made up of small groups that create a sense of family and enable you to build some meaningful friendships, designed to make a bigger church feel small. No matter your interests, your stage of life, or career or career goals, there is a small group ready to welcome you!

Looking to join a Small Group?

If you aren't sure, that's okay! We can connect you with the right Small Group for you!

Conquer Series
Tuesdays, 6:30pm | Emerge Youth Room

This group is currently open! We want to train every man so that they are equipped to be able to help other men to reach freedom and breakthrough in life. We are asking every man to sign up for this Conquer Group, where you will learn how to use the weapons of God to be a better husband, a better father and become a man of integrity. Visit for more info on this study.

Pastor’s Study
Wednesdays, 7pm | Oakland Parlor

This group is currently open! Senior pastor Randy Bain leads this small group every Wednesday evening at 7pm at Oakland Church, and stirs a great, in-depth conversation about the message from the previous Sunday. For those wanting to dig deeper into God’s truths, this small group is for you! No need to sign up—just show up!

Faithful Families
Sundays, 10am | Oakland Gym

This group is currently open! Chris Oldham leads Faithful Families, occurring every Sunday at 10am at Oakland Church. Open to singles and couples in all life stages, this group enjoys life together while sharing strategies and principles for a healthy self, thriving relationships, Godly parenting—and everything in between! No need to sign up—just show up!

Emerge Small Group
Sundays, 10am | Emerge Youth Room

This group is currently open! Every Sunday at 10am at Oakland Church, youth pastor Jeremy Barkley and his team facilitate an engaging discussion on all sorts of relevant topics, from addiction to spiritual gifts to dating. No need to sign up—just show up!

People of the Way
(Adults, 60+)
Sundays, 10am | Fellowship Hall

This group is currently open! This popular small group enjoys light snacks, desserts, and coffee every Sunday at 10am and dives into a quarterly, biblical study with lively discussion.

Bible Study
Saturdays, 6:30pm | Oakland Parlor

This group is at currently open! Cheryl Keafer leads this weekly Bible study group happening every Saturday at 6:30pm at the Richland Towers. Currently this family of friends is traveling through the book of Romans.